About Me

MeJust riding out another stormy Florida summer alongside my partner, two cats, and a bunny with rock star hair.  I’ve been drawing breaths for 25 years and creating words for almost as many, and now I get paid to watch TV commercials and write about them.

In middle school, I founded Kids for Animal Rights and Education (KARE), an international organization of children committed to spreading the word about the slaughter, displacement and exploitation of animals worldwide.  Kept In Cages marks my return to that basic mission: to keep ongoing tragedies from fading with the headlines… and to humbly offer my voice to the suffering speechless.

The short-term goals are to escape this sauna of a state, upgrade my BA in Creative Writing to an MFA, and keep my neighborhood’s strays fed and safe.

The long term?  Stir language and education into the brew that will make this spinning rock a better, safer, fairer home for every last organism.